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Welcome To The Barry Fleming Web Site

Barry Fleming is a Singer / Songwriter / Arranger / Producer hailing from Northern Ireland.

Having learnt much of his trade on the 'circuit' both in the Mainland UK and Ireland over many years, Barry has emerged a serious musician and producer who is starting to get some serious recognition.

After releasing his debut Household Honey EP towards the end of 2009, Barry's music began to gain interest from listeners of local radio and newspapers as to what he was 'all about'. With the title track of his debut EP being requested daily on radio, he decided on a digital release for his next track - Guiding Light. "I'm not sure what, or even where Guiding Light came from", says Barry. "It's just one of those songs that almost wrote itself in a very spiritual way. The people who've gotten in touch with me with their own individual stories of what the song means to them often leaves me stuck for words, and just makes me wonder and realise the power that music can have on people".

Whilst Guiding Light was being well received throughout 2010; it wouldn't be placed on an album until almost ten months after it's digital release on iTunes & AmazonMp3 when Barry gave it a home on his much-awaited follow-up - 'Rainbow Run'. This album features not only Guiding Light, but also Household Honey & Why?; both tracks taken from his original EP, which was largely due to requests from newly-found fans, and lovers of his music and sincere lyrics.

The 12-track Rainbow Run album covers many genres of styles and taste in music, and it's almost guaranteed there'll be something there for everyone. Barry is the sort of songwriter who doesn't appear to be pigeon-holed in the type of music he writes, even though each song seems to have his own individual stamp placed on it, each one can be very different depending on the listener. It was about half-way through the production of Rainbow Run that Barry teamed up with local guitarist Michael McGrath to add more of an accoustic feel to some of his musical ideas - the results can be heard on Common Man, Broken and the thought-provoking 'Just maybe'; a song which was also included in a set recorded by the BBC for the series Blas Ceoil.

The BBC have played a large role in finding and bringing Barry's music to us; and very recently BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle's presenter Gerry Anderson brought him into the studio to let us hear a little more of what he's about. Barry played 4 tracks live on air, two of which were adapted to acoustic guitar from the Rainbow Run album - the title Track Rainbow Run & the ever-popular Guiding Light; and two which he has just recently written alongside his friend and arrangement partner Michael McGrath - Faith in Me & Edge of Time. Barry's new 'acoustic feel' material seems to be again hiiting the right chord with many of his followers - judging by the amount of emails he received after the show on Friday 3rd June.       

When all is said and done however - perhaps the best way of understanding Barry's music is simply to listen to it. Barry has now received literally hundreds of emails from places such as Russia, Switzerland, HongKong, South Africa and Canada with people telling him what his music and lyrics does and means to them - we don't think it's a bad thing, and neither does Barry. He welcomes all mails, and does his very best to respond to each individual query personally.

Barry currently lives and records from just outside Waringstown, Northern Ireland, with his partner Paula and family. He is currently unsigned and self-produced.    

G. McKinstry: Friend & Entertainment / Production Consultant / Mentor